TV Review: Luke Cage, Episodes 1.01 & 1.02, “Moment of Truth”/”Code of the Streets”


Remember all those times I reviewed Jessica Jones? Have you been missing those times? Miss no longer! Now I’m reviewing Luke Cage, aka “the best screen thing Marvel has ever put their name on,” which is maybe just a smidge hyperbolic but, well, I don’t care. Luke Cage is great. It also has vaulted Marvel’s Netflix and television endeavors ahead of its film endeavors, finishing Jessica Jones‘ good work from 2015. More than anything, it’s relevant, the superhero story we need right now; it’s Marvel’s “Black Lives Matter” moment, a perfectly cast slice of social inquiry wrapped in pulp. I’m doing two-episode recaps for Paste Magazine; this is the first of seven, and you should engage it with your eyeballs (though it is spoilerish, in case you are concerned with that kinda thing). 

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