TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 4.02, “Coral Palms, Pt. 2”


Finally, what all of you Jake/Holt shippers have been waiting for: The kiss. Except that the kiss isn’t a real kiss, just a decoy kiss, and seriously, there are no Jake/Holt shippers, so forget it. (There actually may be, because everything is someone’s kink, but that’s neither here nor there.) Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues its winning ways by putting the Figgis operation into hyperdrive while also making even more fun of Florida after last week’s “Coral Palms, Pt. 1.” Oh, right, we get to reunite with the gang back at the precinct in NYC. There’s that too. 

And that’s great! This is my Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and I’m so glad to have it back, in case you can’t tell from my glowing review of the episode over at Paste Magazine.

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