Review: Goat, 2016, dir. Andrew Neel


I can picture a cut of Goat that leaves out the extraneous stuff, the stuff that has net zero impact on the plot, and I can also picture that cut of Goat being much, much better than the cut we got. Oh well. The cut we got is still pretty solid, excess material aside. Goat, by the way, is that frat hazing movie where Nick Jonas plays a fraternity bro, except that he has a change of bro-heart throughout the movie, and he’s also in it for like half the time that the film’s true protagonist, Ben Schnetzer, is in it. Jonas is good, though! He is. Schnetzer is better, and the movie is at its best when focusing on him, but whatcha gonna do? 

You’re going to read my review for Paste Magazine, that’s what you’re going to do.

One thought on “Review: Goat, 2016, dir. Andrew Neel

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