Review: Demon, 2016, dir. Marcin Wrona


It’s an immense tragedy that Marcin Wrona, the brilliant filmmaker responsible for creating Demon, committed suicide around this time in 2015 after showing the picture in Gdynia (and also showing at TIFF); it’s a powerful work, the work of a master in the making, and the third contestant in a three-way-tie for “best horror film of 2016.” Grant that Demon has a ton of things in it that I like – a Jewish cultural element notable among them (which, you’ll remember, is what drew me to The Possessioalllll the way back in 2012), beautiful filmmaking, and atmosphere instead of the usual coterie of scare tactics. It’s great. I wish Wrona was still around to make more movies like this. He isn’t, though, so we’ll just have to be okay with Demon in all its flawless glory. Take a few minutes to dig through my review of the film at Paste Magazine and you might have a better idea of what I’m talking about. 

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