Review: The Dreamed Path, 2016, dir. Angela Schanelec


Complaining about a movie’s dullness or accusing a movie of pretension always makes me feel like a bad movie critic, but hey, when the shoe fits, right? Such is the case with Angela Schanelec’s new film, The Dreamed Path, another one of those “remote TIFF screeners” I was privileged to watch on behalf of The Playlist; I’m not about to file it under “Movies I Hate,” but it’s ponderous and self-serious to the point of self-satire. (It doesn’t help that its reviews out of TIFF have been largely positive, and largely over-written with absurd, purple, and constipated prose, but I digress.) My review goes into more detail than this, of course, because it always does, so you should go and peep that.


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