Interview: Mike Birbiglia & Chris Gethard, “Don’t Think Twice”


In case it isn’t obvious, I really liked Don’t Think Twice, a movie that, much like anything Mike Birbiglia does, you will enjoy or not depending on how much mileage you get out of his style. There’s a shaggy, aw-shucks, relaxed vibe to what he does and to who he is that suits his approach to comedy well; I should know, the former because I’ve listened to and watched most of his work, and the latter because I have met him in person. Hence, this interview. Chris Gethard was also there. I feel like I ought to note that immediately to avoid leaving him out. He was in some ways more essential to our chat than Mike. 

But you’ll have to read the full transcript of the interview, available at Birth.Movies.Death., to understand what that means. So, uh, do that. Don’t Think Twice hit me on a really personal level and took me off-guard with its unapologetic bitterness. I enjoyed it. You might too, if you’re a resentful and petty asshole like me. Whatever. Just read the damn interview.

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