Review: Phantom Boy, 2016, dir. Alain Gagnol & Jean-Loup Felicioli


My latest for The Playlist: Phantom Boy, Alain Gagnol & Jean-Loup Felicioli’s follow-up to the excellent A Cat in Paris. (FYI: If you haven’t seen that one, it’s on Netflix Instant.) Phantom Boy lets the duo continue indulging their love of noir to an extent, but mostly the movie is all about superheroes and comic book movies. It’s an examination of what “hero” really means, but it’s fun rather than stuffy, exciting instead of ponderous, and all around lovely to look at and engage with. It opens today (07/15), and it’s going to roll out to other theaters over the next couple of weeks. Check it out if you can! Also read my review.

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