Review: The Mermaid, 2016, dir. Stephen Chow


I love Stephen Chow, and have since Shaolin Soccer helped boost his visibility and his reputation on an international scale. (Maybe that’s how you first got to know Chow as a director and as an actor, too, though if you have not already, I strongly suggest going back through his pre-Soccer filmography, as it is loaded with all kinds of greatness like God of Cookery.) So, of course, a new Chow movie is something of an event for me, which just makes the obfuscation and burial of The Mermaid‘s US release by its US distributor, Sony Pictures Classics, equally puzzling and frustrating. 

Whatever. The Mermaid is great. Metrograph in NYC did a one-week revival starting last week and ending today. If you didn’t get to see the film in theaters, wait for it to hit Blu-ray and check it out immediately. It’s hilarious, as I mention a few times in my review for The Playlist.


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