“The Legend of Tarzan’s Hashtag Problem”


…annnnnd here’s “part two” of my attempt at getting to the core of why The Legend of Tarzan is such a failure and such an embarrassment as a modern studio blockbuster. How do you make a racist novel written in bygone times un-racist? Can you? Is it worth the effort to try? And is trying in and of itself a gross offense of good taste? Forget that The Legend of Tarzan is a bad movie. It’s exactly the movie it wants not to be – a movie that advocates for white superiority at the expense of its black characters – despite the efforts of its authors and producers. What does The Legend of Tarzan mean in 2016, both in a vacuum and against a backdrop of other movies with race on their minds?

Well, c’mon. Click the link to whisk yourself over to Paste Magazine and find out the answers. You’ll have to read the whole piece though. I mean, what, you thought I was going to make it easy on you? Hoo boy. That’s awkward.



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