Interview: Whit Stillman, “Love & Friendship”


I must confess that I am uncertain whether I laughed as appropriate during my interview with Whit Stillman; he has just the driest sense of humor, so I either came off as genuine and hip to his drollery, or I sounded like an ignorant, braying jackass. I’ll probably never know. But he’s a good dude and we had a fun chat about his new film, Love & Friendship, which has been rolling out to theaters across the country for the last couple of weeks. It’s an hilarious movie if you’re the type to laugh at Austenian japes, and Stillman’s style and sensibility both marry incredibly well with both the period setting and Austen’s voice. 

It’s possible I’ll do a mini round-up review if I can get another comedy under my belt in the next week (say, Neighbors 2?); if not, you can just live your life and read the interview, which is situated on the classy pages of Movie Mezzanine.


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