Interview: Josh Kriegman, “Weiner”


The general rule about formatting interview questions is that they have to be short. They have to be short so that the answers are longer than the questions. You see variations on this rule all over the place, and in some instances and settings you’ll that rule be treated as more of a guideline, as in press conferences where the person being grilled by a roomful journalists often must answer in brief, pat sentences.

I say all of this because I had to dig deep to listen to my recording of my interview with Josh Kriegman, who co-directed the new documentary Weiner with Elyse Steinberg. I talked way too much while speaking with Josh about his subject, erstwhile New York City representative and pop cultural punchline Anthony Weiner, and I generally consider that poor form. The results are net positive, but boy did I have a hard time pushing myself to revisit our chat on the basis of my own embarrassment.

Anyways. It’s a good interview all the same, illuminating and thorough, so you should probably read the full transcript at Paste Magazine.


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