Review: Kill Zone 2, 2016, dir. Cheang Pou-soi


You don’t normally buy a ticket to an action movie for well-realized human sentiment or melodramatic storylines involving terminally ill (and terminally adorable) children. That’s certainly not why you might go in on Kill Zone 2, aka SPL II: A Time for Consequences, the sequel to Wilson Yip’s 2005 film SPL: Sha Po Lang. And yet it’s the maudlin “stuff” that occurs in between director Cheang Pou-soi’s fight scenes that help lift the film up and make it singularly big, broad, and pleasingly operatic among 2016’s action film offerings. It’s the fight scenes, of course, that do most of the legwork taking Kill Zone 2 to that high plateau; they are top tier, elite level battles, in particular a jaw-dropping prison riot scene that makes a similar sequence from The Raid 2: Berandal look like a tire fire. 

Right? Now you’re interested, I can tell. Well, you’ve gotta shake ‘n bake on over to Paste Magazine to find out more. 

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