Review: High-Rise, 2016, dir. Ben Wheatley


I had a hard time with Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise if only because it is not at all what I expected it to be. That isn’t to say I didn’t like it – I did! – but I had to watch it twice to put my finger on the things I liked and disliked about it, though as you can tell by reading my review for Paste Magazine, I liked the film much more than I didn’t. It hinges on a great leading performance by the talented and always reliable Tom Hiddleston, it weaves madness into its background instead of rubbing our noses in it in the foreground, and its sense of humor is tongue-in-cheek and black as hell. (It’s well made too. Really well made.) I’m fond of anything that can buck conventions, and Wheatley does that on multiple levels by not relishing in violence the way his films usually do, and by having a sense of humor to top it off. Go click that link to read my full thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Review: High-Rise, 2016, dir. Ben Wheatley

  1. I want to watch this movie so badly but I can’t find it in the local theaters anywhere (it’s supposed to open in the US this weekend), I’m glad to hear that Hiddleston’s performance was good 🙂

    • They (almost) always are, and even when they aren’t up to his usual standard, they’re still pretty interesting. He’s fantastic. I could probably spin a “Tom Hiddleston performances, ranked” list out of this article without issue; I’d probably put “The Deep Blue Sea” and “Only Lovers Left Alive” pretty high up there.

      “High-Rise” is also on VOD, and has been for a couple of weeks or so now – so if you can’t find it in theaters, you can find it online.

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