Review: Dough, 2016, dir. John Goldschmidt


I wouldn’t say I disliked John Goldschmidt’s Dough, though I’m not sure I liked it as a whole movie, either. If I have any pet peeves with movies, and I have many pet peeves with movies, so let’s just pretend I have one, and if I have one pet peeve with movies, it’s when they jam too many different movies down their own gullets. Dough is that kind of movie. It’s enjoyable enough, for the most part, but all of the things about it that are interesting – particularly the culture clash stuff between Jonathan Pryce’s Jewish baker and Jerome Holder’s Muslim immigrant – get shorted on material because there is just so much damn material to serve. I have avoided using any baking puns here, but let me just get away with saying that Dough would be better with fewer ingredients. My full thoughts can be read over at Paste Magazine. Like usual.


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