Interview: Jeremy Saulnier, “Green Room”


Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room is an unflinching, vicious piece of work, and if you are either faint of heart or weak of stomach, I think it’s probably my job to steer you away from it. Or maybe I should steer you toward it. I’m not a mean guy or anything, but if I’m being honest, Green Room is a film that demands not simply to be seen in a theater setting with an enthusiastic crowd, but to be seen period, graphic depictions of viscera aside. We are at a moment in American history where white supremacism is no longer content to remain a quiet and shameful undercurrent of our national culture; instead, it has chosen to become more pronounced than it has been in years, and to put a face on itself. I didn’t get around to talking about that in detail with Jeremy during our chat, but he suggests it at one point, and I think that theme is a key component of the film that gives it relevance and meaning. 

Anyways, you have to read through the whole interview I conducted with him, which is transcribed for your reading pleasure over at Movie Mezzanine. You know what to do. (I presume, anyways. Whatever.)

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