Review: Men & Chicken, 2016, dir. Anders Thomas Jensen


My familiarity with Danish comedy extends about as far as Mikkel Nørgaard’s Klown, the rom-coms of Lone Scherfig, and Adam’s Apples, Anders Thomas Jensen’s 2005 black comedy about the book of Job. Basically, I’m not especially well-versed on the subject, though I know enough to know that Mads Mikkelsen can actually be pretty damn funny when he feels like it (and when he isn’t being either hard as hell or scary as hell). So it is in this spirit that I approached Jensen’s new team-up with Mikkelsen, Men & Chicken, a film I expected to be weird but not so weird that I had to suppress my gag reflex a few times while watching it. Far be it from me to belabor the point, though. Just go read my review for Paste Magazine.

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