“Waiting for Wonder Woman”


In case you all have forgotten: I really, really, reallyreallyreally hated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But I didn’t hate everything about it! I liked Gal Gadot despite the minimal capacity the film uses her in, for example, so much so that I am now looking forward to Patty Jenkins’ forthcoming Wonder Woman flick more than that goddamn Justice League movie that WB has in the pipeline. But as much as I liked Gadot, and as much as seeing the character on the big screen in a new mainstream context is cool, the film lets both its actress and its heroine down in major fashion. This rankled me. It rankled me oh so much that I just had to go and write another thousand words or so on the subject over at Paste Magazine, as is my wont. Forgive me. But go read the piece, too.

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