TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.21, “Maximum Security”


Quick, take a picture: It’s an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that I didn’t out-and-out love.

This, of course, has happened before, and it is also worth noting that I would not exactly describe “Maximum Security” as “bad” as much as “disappointing,” and perhaps “stunted.” There aren’t that many episodes left in season three, and this feels like twenty minutes of unnecessary set-up, interrupted occasionally by wonderful character work by Stephanie Beatriz and outstanding joke delivery by the GOAT, Andre Braugher. Being as we missed out on Braugher’s comic styling in last week’s “Paranoia,” this works out okay, and so even if the moral lesson of the episode is sort of out of date in the series’ hierarchy, we remain entertained. 

Just, y’know, pick it up from here, Brooklyn Nine-Nine! You can dig my full breakdown of this week’s installment over at Paste Magazine. As usual.

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