Review: Baskin, 2016, dir. Can Evrenol


Horror fans, of late, have been spoiled by a wealth of sophisticated, smartly made films that explore deep-rooted emotional themes and human issues, ranging from parental fears to teenage anxieties. (See: The BabadookIt FollowsThe WitchWe Are What We AreSpringLet the Right One In.) These are all, for the most part, great movies, and those that aren’t great are still pretty good, but there is a time and a place for movies like these, movies that intelligently and thoughtfully delve into the real-life horror we contend with daily, movies that ground themselves in our world, or a dream-like version of our world. Sometimes, you just want to melt your brain.

Enter: Baskin, by Turkish filmmaker Can Evrenol. Baskin is smart and well-made, too, but it’s also batshit fucking crazy and too busy with its batshit craziness to explain itself. It is also disgusting. Basically, it’s the perfect tonic for horror nuts who appreciate good craftsmanship but also appreciate a good, gory head trip. I’ve seen better horror films in 2016, but this one is solid, and per my review for Paste Magazine, I am unabashedly fond of its refusal to make sense. 

6 thoughts on “Review: Baskin, 2016, dir. Can Evrenol

    • Thanks man! I appreciate that. Let me know what you think if you do get the chance to see it. If nothing else it’d be good to share in my confusion with someone else.

      This is the only place I regularly share my work. Occasionally, if I remember to, I will put my stuff up on Criticwire’s website, or on the OFCS weekly round-up; you will see my clips every week on the Boston Online Film Critics Association page. But that’s it.

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