Review: Lolo, 2016, dir. Julie Delpy


You probably have pretty strict expectations laid aside for any romantic comedy you choose to engage with. You probably assume that any film bearing that oft misjudged appellation will be saccharine and utterly fake. You probably also haven’t seen Lolo, mostly because it has only been in theaters for a couple of weeks and will expand this Friday (which won’t help if you don’t live in New York or LA, but still). Lolo is kind of the antithesis of what we expect romantic comedies to be while being exactly what we expect romantic comedies to be at the same time. It’s sweet for certain, but it also has a bitter undercurrent and weeeeeeiiiiiird, uncomfortable incestuous overtones, which I am sure will have you sold on the film if you aren’t already. If you need more persuasion, let my review for Paste Magazine do the rest of the necessary legwork.


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