Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2016, dir. Zack Snyder


…well, it’s here.

I am referring both to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and my review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which just went up at Paste moments ago. Put in short: I kind of hated it in a very ambivalent way. It’s a terrible movie, and watching it exhausted and agitated me to no end. At the same time, I have moved on with my life, though I’ll admit that the catharsis of pounding out 1200 or so words, give or take, to assuage myself of my frustrations certainly helps. Not everybody gets to have that release.

Anyways. See for yourself. (The movie and also, again, my review.) It’ll be interesting to see how fans react once this opens for the general public. I’m half nervous, half certain that response will be split evenly between DC devotees who love it, and DC devotees who hate it. For any movie of Batman v Superman‘s make, critical takes rarely mean anything. Fan reception is more important. But if Batman v Superman is a pretty bad movie, and it is, it is also a lesser cut of the kind of red meat fans crave. Some of them will go nutso for it. The rest, or at least those who possess critical thinking skills, will probably hate it more than most critics do. (And in that perfect venn diagram crossover between DC fans and movie critics? Forget about it.)

But I’ve said too much. Get outta here. Go dig that link.  


2 thoughts on “Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2016, dir. Zack Snyder

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