Talk To Me: What Are You Watching, 03/06 – 03/12

…so, I’m trying something new here. Bear with me.

I like hearing from my readers. I also like having readers, and I know factually that keeping you guys engaged goes beyond just posting my clips and writing original content here. It isn’t enough for me to talk about myself. I want to create a space where you guys can talk about yourselves.

And that’s what this post is for. Nothing fancy, nothing expansive, though I am already running close to 100 words without having actually posed my basic conceit, which is thus: I want to know what you guys have been watching in the last week. 

Simple, right? My aim is to do this on a weekly basis, assuming, of course, that this experiment is as successful as I hope it will be. All I want is for you to chime in and tell me what you have seen, whether in theaters, or on Blu-ray, or VOD, or on Netflix, or on television; feel free, also, to broach the subject of noteworthy events in the worlds of television and film, too. (Fargo turned 20 last Tuesday. That’s a big deal, right?) 

So whether you finally caught up with Heaven Knows What on Netflix Instant or sat down for the premiere of WGN America’s excellent new series Underground, let this be a platform for you to talk about it. Fire away!



4 thoughts on “Talk To Me: What Are You Watching, 03/06 – 03/12

  1. We have started Game of thrones from the start. We are also watching The People vs Oj Simpson. This us a great bio on the trial of Oj although John Travolta looks truly scary.

    • Watching “Game of Thrones” from square one is a hell of a task, especially since the seasons tend to dip in quality so much from one to the next.

      Haven’t watched “The People vs OJ Simpson” myself, but watching clips and teasers on TV and seeing that van chase reenacted takes me back to the portion of my childhood I spent hearing about the case on the tube.

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