Interview: Benjamin Dickinson, “Creative Control”


I don’t know if you all are going to see a review of Creative Control from me – I’ve got a feature essay brewing for Movie Mezzanine, and so I may not have the energy to commit more ink to the film beyond that and beyond this here interview I did with Benjamin Dickinson, the film’s director-writer-star. But that’s okay. The essay is detailed, and my talk with Benjamin in-depth and insightful. He’s a thoughtful, honest, funny chap; you can probably tell by reading the piece, which is up at Paste Magazine, that I had a great time talking with him. If you don’t know the film, think Her, but with Google Glass and cynicism instead of melancholy; it’s about an adman tasked with coming up with a campaign for VR tech known as “Augmenta,” which he uses to basically be a licentious ass. It’s bitter stuff, but it’s great, and if you want to know more, go forth to Paste and read our conversation top to bottom.


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