“Bottle Rocket” at 20


Bottle Rocket, Wes Anderson’s 1996 debut feature, turned twenty years old this past Sunday. It’s weird to think that the movie could possibly be that old, but it’s weirder still to consider it in light of how much Anderson’s style has changed since he first premiered it two decades ago. Watching Bottle Rocket along with, say The Grand Budapest Hotel suggests two films made by two very different filmmakers. But if Anderson has upgraded his aesthetic, his interests and themes have stayed the same, and probably always will. For my full thoughts on his past and future, filtered through Bottle Rocket, head on over to Movie Mezzanine.

2 thoughts on ““Bottle Rocket” at 20

  1. Wes Anderson is a screen god. And, not just ’cause he’s from my hometown in Texas. He is the voice of my generation. Well, the wonderfully wacky weirdos of my generation. Thanks for remindin’ me of how old we’re getting. Not.

    • If it helps, I was in shock for a few seconds at the movie’s 20th anniversary, too. Snuck up on me. It never occurred to me for a second that Anderson has been making films for two decades. I kind of take the longevity of his career for granted.

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