Review: “Remember”, 2016, dir. Atom Egoyan


“In Hebrew, the name Zev means “wolf,” but the protagonist of Atom Egoyan’s new film,Remember, is more like a lamb. Zev Gutman strikes no predatory impressions when we first meet him lying prone in bed, calling out his dead wife’s name in a state of bestirred delusion. He cuts a feeble figure: He does not wear the countenance of a ruthless killer, and yet killing has become the sole purpose of what remains of his life. Remember is about the Holocaust, but at its heart it is a revenge film, the rare sort that combines the pursuit of such with recollections of the Shoah; think Flame & Citron or Inglourious Basterds, but modern-set and, until the film’s finale, less fantastical.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

2 thoughts on “Review: “Remember”, 2016, dir. Atom Egoyan

  1. I’ve always been interested in the Holocaust, particularly the psychological impact it had on those survivors of concentration camps. This is a film I’m going to have to remember the next time I’m near a theater.

    • If you’re interested in the Holocaust, I can think of a handful of movies you’re better off watching before this, though outside of its monumentally dopey ending, I still like it.

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