TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.15, “The 9-8”


“Add vinegar to baking soda and you’ll get a chemical volcano. Mix baking soda into buttermilk batter and you’ll turn out a heap of tasty pancakes. But if you introduce displaced police officers from the 9-8 precinct to the tight knit crew of the 9-9, you’ll get nothing short of combustive mayhem that’s akin to dumping gasoline on a tire fire. If we know anything about the lads and lasses of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s titular department, it’s that they don’t cotton well to newness: just last week, Boyle fussed over body cams, and at the start of the season everybody struggled to acclimate to the (brief) rule of Captain Dozerman (may he rest in peace). The members of the 9-9 are creatures of habit and routine. They are not fond of adjusting.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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