Review: Southbound, 2016, dir. Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath, Radio Silence


“Every omnibus film and anthology flick, regardless of genre, has to figure out its framing device as if it’s painstakingly assembling a puzzle: How best to successively link a series of interconnected yet mostly unrelated micro-narratives? What makes an effective plotting glue? Horror anthologies show that you can use just about anything to achieve that effect, even the artifice of cinema itself, which each of the V/H/S films turned into a delivery service for terror. But the framing device most often used by horror films is the host, a storyteller of spooky, wicked or otherwise unwholesome intention tasked with relaying each macabre plot in order to entice and orient their viewers. The Cryptkeeper, Mr. Simms, Bob Carter, The Creep—they act as guides (and even as menaces) to captive audiences held fast in their thrall.” (Via Paste Magazine.)


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