TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.13 ,”The Cruise”



“Talking about “The Cruise” without talking about Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s fondness for referential and self-contained franchisement is impossible. First, we had “Halloween III,” where Santiago brought the series-long All Hallow’s Eve prank war fought by Holt and Jake to a decisive end; then we had “Yippie Kayak,” where Boyle became subsumed into Jake’s Die Hard fantasy, and took on the role of John McClane just shy of a year after “Windbreaker City.” Now “The Cruise” brings back the Pontiac Bandit himself in a plot that riffs so hard on Speed 2 that the script can’t help but name-drop that ill-fated film into its dialogue. So it goes. All trilogies must come to a conclusion, after all.”  (Via Paste Magazine.)

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