Review: Moonwalkers, 2016, dir. Antoine Bardou-Jacquet


“Ron Perlman’s performance in Antoine Bardou-Jacquet’s Moonwalkers is the film’s best recommendation. It is also the only recommendation, for the most part, because for all of the great violence on display, there’s not a whole lot hanging the production together. Screenwriter Dean Craig’s script is the rubber and Perlman is the glue. Nothing sticks here save for his grimacing dramatics. He might be a man born to act through prosthetics, but left to his own devices without being molested through hours of makeup application, he’s a hefty actor (if you’ve seen Sons of Anarchy, you already know that). Few thesps can utter a good, solid “fuck” with the same weight as Perlman. He’s a powerhouse.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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