This Space Reserved, 2016


Keep your eyes here, folks. Exciting things are going to happen here this year.

I hope.

If you know me, talk to me, and read my stuff enough, you know that this writing thing isn’t simply a hobby for me these days; it’s more like a hobby that’s just a few miles away from being something more substantive, which, of course, means that it’s still a hobby. But it’s a hobby that I’m getting better at, doing more with, and getting more out of as each year goes by, and this year, I’m going to show some agency by dusting off the cobwebs on this old thing and trying to do a little bit more with it than simply post links to writing I do on other sites. (Plus occasional reviews of extremely shitty movies.)

First, I’m doing away with the old “Film Musings” category on the site, and splitting it out into two new categories:

  • Interviews
  • Features

This isn’t a big change, really, but it does offer some much needed clarity™ and better delineate the types of articles that I write. If I’m interviewing a filmmaker, I’m not really “musing” over anything, after all, so much as I’m shooting the shit with the talent, and when I analyze trends or goings-on in cinema, I’m not really “musing,” either. It’s been over six years since I fired up A Constant Visual Feast. I don’t “muse.” I’m not a pretentious and arty blogger anymore. So that’s done.

Second, I’ll be swearing a lot more. This is only relevant to the next item, which is that I will be producing more original content here than I have in recent years, mostly because I can’t write about everything I want to for the outlets I contribute to, and sometimes, dammit, I just want to write about how Mad Max: Fury Road made every other blockbuster in the summer of 2015 look like clown shoes. 

The real thought behind producing content for ACVF is, admittedly, at least partly functional. I want to keep my numbers up. One way to do that is to put more stuff on the site and draw in new readers. I can do that by just posting links to my reviews on Paste and such as that, but I can probably do more for myself by showing people what I’m capable of in a single click. Yes, there are topics I want to explore that I don’t always get to elsewhere. Yes, that is chiefly my design in creating original articles for ACVF. No, that’s not the only reason why. I want hits on this site. Anything I can do to aid in achieving that goal, I will.

So hang on tight and stick around, folks. Things are going to start getting a little bit busier around here.



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