TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.11, “Hostage Situation”


“Here’s a new twist on an old favorite: Boyle and Jake, buddies now, buddies forever, quantifiably grow up after having a wacky off-duty adventure that ends with the promise of a potentially amazing multi-episode story arc. If Dan Goor and Michael Schur know what’s good for them (and the show, really), they’ll use this opportunity to bring back Bradley “Never Gonna See a Merman” Whitford for another go-round after his excellent guest starring spot on season two’s “Captain Peralta.” Not only is Whitford just the greatest, his interactions with Andy Samberg as Papa Peralta injected terrific, surprisingly affecting drama in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s standard hoard of hijinks. The show hasn’t finished tapping that vein yet.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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