Interview: Kyle Gallner, The Finest Hours


“Playing a real person in a movie sounds like it should make an actor’s job easy. That kind of role has a blueprint of its own to draw on, after all; it’s just a simple matter of getting to know who your character is and learning how to emulate them. Right? Not so according to Kyle Gallner, who plays Engineman Third Class Andrew Fitzgerald in Craig Gillespie’s The Finest Hours, a biopic disaster drama about the 1952 rescue of the crew aboard the SS Pendleton during a brutal winter storm off the coast of Chatham, Massachusetts: portraying a living, breathing human being on screen is actually stressful, because that living, breathing human might buy a ticket to see the film for themselves. Sounds pretty challenging from that perspective.” (Via Screen Rant.)


2 thoughts on “Interview: Kyle Gallner, The Finest Hours

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