TV Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead, 1.10, “The Dark One”


And so Ash vs. Evil Dead ends just as it begins: with Ashley J. Williams making a terrible decision to satisfy his own self-interests.

Before you grab your pitchfork and rally the townsfolk to march on Ash, lend the poor bastard your compassion. He has been fighting the good fight, so to speak, against the Deadites and the evil of the Necronomicon for three decades, and in doing so relinquished any hope of enjoying a normal life. Ash and the mundane have passed each other like two ships in a horrible, horrible night. Even settling down at a trailer park in Michigan, the guy can’t escape from the traumas inflicted on him in both Evil Dead films; that damn book is with him always, just like his memories of the horrors of his past. Ash vs. Evil Dead has made a point of referencing the loss of his friends and loved ones for good reason. Being a Ghost Beater sucks.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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