TV Review: Jessica Jones, 1.11, “AKA I’ve Got the Blues”


“Jessica Jones has made a point of being judicious with flashbacks; they’re used sparingly when they’re used at all, and they never overstay their welcome. Take, for example, “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me,” which visits a Jessica and Trish in the B.K. (before Kilgrave) days of their friendship, when everything looked bright and optimistic (by Jessica Jones’ standards) and Jessica seemed destined for superheroic greatness. They perform their base narrative function of filling in gaps in our knowledge of Jessica’s story, while also enhancing her relationship with Trish in the show’s present. (Plus, any opportunity to let Krysten Ritter throw out extra sarcasm and make douche-bros look stupid is an opportunity worth taking.)” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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