TV Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead, 1.09, “Bound in the Flesh”


“In a parallel dimension where Ash vs. Evil Dead’s first season is longer than ten episodes, and each episode is longer than thirty minutes, maybe Evil Ash 2.0 would stick around longer than just a handful of scenes. We don’t live in that dimension. Maybe that’s a good thing. Just after his debut, the son of a bitch knocked off the dearly departed Amanda. Do we really want him to have more to do than that? In the grand scheme of things, killing Amanda is enough of a wrench in Ash’s plans to kick evil’s decrepit butt back to whatever putrid hellhole it crawled out of. And just as the Ghost Bears’ numbers swelled to four! She probably had some badass tricks still up her sleeve before shuffling off her mortal coil, too.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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