For Your (Re)Consideration, 2015


“And that’s it: 2015 is in the books. If you listen to what everyone else is saying, it’s been a pretty good year for the movies. Frankly, they’re not wrong, but the best testament to the quality of cinema in a single year may be the films that don’t get any recognition in the year-end lovefest that is awards voting. (The second best testament, mind you, is almost certainly the absence of clear consensus, which is certainly true of 2015 even if pretty much everybody agrees that Mad Max: Fury Road is just the greatest.) Oh, sure – there are a lot of great movies, future landmarks and masterpieces among them, that are part of the conversation right now. But there are countless others that nobody is talking about at all.” (Via Birth. Movies. Death.)

One thought on “For Your (Re)Consideration, 2015

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