TV Review: Jessica Jones, 1.09, “AKA Sin Bin”


…well, that got out of hand quickly.

Nobody would ever mistake Jessica Jones for a planner. That’s not to say she is incapable of planning; for reference, see her nearly successful joint bid at capturing Kilgrave with Simpson in Trish back in “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me.” Jessica is smart enough to put together a good blueprint, and she’s absolutely amazing at tracking people and information in equal measure, but when she plans, she doesn’t plan for contingencies. She doesn’t think to check Kilgrave’s person in “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me,” for example, and thus all of her team’s efforts at bagging the bad guy wind up going down the tubes. (In fairness to Jessica, nobody else bothers frisking the prone Kilgrave, either, because who would?)” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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