TV Review: Jessica Jones, 1.08, “AKA WWJD?”


“Well, now, Kilgrave has set out quite the homecoming for Jessica, hasn’t he? That house he snagged at the end of “AKA You’re a Winner!”—he’s done it up just like she remembers it, every last detail painstakingly researched and set in place to make Jessica feel more comfortable. The security guard is a new addition, though. The chef and the maid, too. You’d think she would be more grateful for the care he put into the project, except, of course, for the fact that he’s a raping, mind-controlling, murdering asshole. Jessica Jones hasn’t made the rape metaphor explicit in the text for most of the season, but “AKA WWJD?” lays it all out there.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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