TV Review: Jessica Jones, 1.04, “AKA 99 Friends”


“Hey, what do you know? Hot on the heels of “AKA It’s Called Whiskey,” the fourth installment ofJessica Jones, “AKA 99 Friends,” bears out some of the exact concerns outlined by Jessica and Luke in their cathartic bonding: Being a hero puts a target on your back. In Jessica’s case, that means being held responsible for tragedies she had zero involvement in, but “the incident” is the Marvel universe’s 9/11. Never forget the day that aliens rained down from the sky and a bevy of splendidly costumed heroes leapt into action to stop them. You’d think people like Audrey Eastman would be grateful that “gifted” folks exist at all. Maybe her mother wound up being collateral damage in New York, but without the Avengers, she’d have died anyway.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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