TV Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead, 1.03, “Books from Beyond”


“What do you really know about Ash? That’s the fundamental question of Ash vs. Evil Dead’s latest episode, “Books From Beyond,” which a handcuffed Amanda Fisher poses to a gun-toting Kelly in a decidedly lopsided conversation about Ash’s dubious morality. Sure, we all know that he’s the hero, here, but Fisher is yet to be convinced, in part because Ash is the kind of hero who, well-intentioned or not, tends to leave varying measurements of havoc in his wake. He’ll take a chainsaw to the Deadites haunting your door, but when the mops come out to clean up the corpses, he’ll hop right in his Oldsmobile and skedaddle before you can say ‘Klaatu Verata Necktie Nectar Nickel shit.'” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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