TV Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead, 1.02, “Bait”


“After last week’s high-octane masterclass in zombie butt-kicking, Ash vs. Evil Dead has decided to slow down the pace a bit with its second episode. But don’t mistake “Bait” as a sign of post-pilot slumping: the show remains top notch even as it takes a necessary detour on the road to sending the Deadites back to whatever loathsome, festering hellhole they crawled out of. In “El Jefe,” we stuck with Ash as he begrudgingly took up (chainsaw) arms against the forces of evil once more. In “Bait,” he follows Kelly when she nicks the Necronomicon and heads to her parents’ house in hopes of strong-arming Ash into helping her rescue her dad.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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