Review: Spotlight, 2015, dir. Tom McCarthy


“Bostonians tend toward insularity that often comes off like rudeness. In truth, that stereotypical coarseness is a blend of honesty and austerity: They favor candor over sensitivity, and act like total introverts in the interest of honoring their neighbors’ privacy. Tom McCarthy’s latest film,Spotlight, appreciates that social shuttering better, perhaps, than it appreciates its subject matter. People here can chatter all day long about Tom Brady’s mansome beauty, New York’s quantifiable suckitude and whether MassDOT will ever fix the goddamn T. If you bring up topics of a personal or distressing nature, though, you risk getting the door slammed in your face—and, without making too trite a point, few topics are as personal or distressing as ecclesiastical sexual abuse.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

One thought on “Review: Spotlight, 2015, dir. Tom McCarthy

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