Interview: Emma Donoghue, Room


“It’s only October and Room, the latest film from Irish director Lenny Abrahamson, is already the subject of much Oscar buzzing and hyping. If the chatter feels premature, it’s only because of the film’s recent win at the Toronto International Film Festival, where TIFF-goers bestowed it with the coveted People’s Choice Award; six out of the last seven pictures that have won that accolade have enjoyed subsequent Best Picture nominations by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (though among those, only half actually went on to that top prize). So, in short, it’s a good time to be Emma Donoghue, the author of the original novel on which Man Booker Prize nominee Room is based, as well as the scribe of the adapted screenplay.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

2 thoughts on “Interview: Emma Donoghue, Room

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