TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.05, “Halloween III”


“The worst thing about “Halloween III” is that it’s predictable. The best thing is that the predictability doesn’t matter. In this, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s third annual All Hallow’s Eve showdown between Jake and Holt, the episode’s madcap essence is what matters most, though there’s plenty worth cheering about as regards the substance of the story, too. After “Halloween II,” the series’ considerably less successful sequel to Season One’s “Halloween,” “Halloween III” builds off of what made Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s original holiday outing work so well—instead of merely repeating the formula. Bits and pieces of its predecessors make their way into the plot here, but the hijinx have purpose. In other words, this is not about hijinx for hijinx’s sake.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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