Interview: Crystal Moselle, The Wolfpack


“Crystal Moselle’s The Wolfpack sounds like the stuff of fiction on paper, but, of course, the film is drawn from real life. The doc tells the story of the Angulo clan, a family living in a Lower East Side apartment in New York City, though “living” doesn’t quite describe their delimited existence. The Angulo children don’t leave the apartment. Nobody does outside of permitted trips to pick up groceries or other necessities. Moselle’s camera captures the kids’ confinement as well as their imagination: The septet of siblings make their own movies, or rather they remake other people’s movies, fueled by little more than ingenuity and passion for film. As we meet them, their homegrown oeuvre consists of titles ranging from Reservoir Dogs to The Dark Knight.” (Via Paste Magazine.) 


One thought on “Interview: Crystal Moselle, The Wolfpack

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