TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.04, “The Oolong Slayer”


“If you’ve felt that Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s third season has underused Amy Santiago and Rosa Diaz, now we know why: They’re too busy passing their juicier cases on to Major Crimes and putting together The Vulture’s social events for him. The former ignominy, at least, is one the entire squad suffers, but “The Oolong Slayer” treats the task of putting together Dean Winters’ birthday bash as a far more soul-crushing disgrace. They’re detectives, and good detectives at that. They aren’t party planners. And yet in “The Oolong Slayer,” their investigative skills are pushed aside at the whim of a narcissistic misogynist, which has the minor benefit of providing an excuse for their lack of involvement in anything more serious than romance plots.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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