Review: Crimson Peak, 2015, dir. Guillermo del Toro


“Don’t buy a ticket to Crimson Peak expecting a horror movie. Buy a ticket expecting a Guillermo del Toro movie. Your mileage with the film will improve exponentially, sort of like if you traded in your Bentley for a Tesla. With del Toro, “horror” is a misleading label applied mostly by critics and film geeks. Yes, he makes horror movies, but in each of those movies, save for the entomophobic nightmare Mimic, horror exists at the fringes of fairy tales, folklore and fantasy. For del Toro, dread and awe are two sides of the same coin, where the alloys of the obverse and reverse faces have bled into one another. That’s the very marrow of Crimson Peak: It’s a film that’s all about the wonder and joy of being afraid.” (Via Paste Magazine.)


One thought on “Review: Crimson Peak, 2015, dir. Guillermo del Toro

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