TV Review: The Bastard Executioner, 1.06, “Thorns/Drain”


“Tough luck for all you Lowry/Wilkin shippers: You ship is still anchored at port. Those two crazy kids haven’t knocked boots yet, which is surprising, and not in equal measure. We’re only six (technically five, if you count the pilot as a single entity) episodes into The Bastard Executioner’s opera of suffering and misery, too soon for Lowry and Wilkin to make the primal, passionate bond that begets steamy forbidden lovemaking. At the same time, this week’s installment, “Thorns/Drain” (pronounced pretty much exactly as you’d expect, but trill the “r”) is approximately ten hours long, give or take eight and a half, and brims over with chatter about religion, philosophy, British history, Lowry’s familial history, and revulsion at the sight of a little torture. You’d think there’s time in there for at least a peck on the cheek.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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