TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.03, “Boyle’s Hunch”


“What do you want out of your sitcom? Twenty two-ish minutes of escalating hilarity that, in the end, ties everything up as neatly as a bow knotted by Martha Stewart’s own fastidious hands? Do you want to invest yourself in the characters, or is pointlessly chuckling your chief concern? Are you interested in material with teeth, or would you prefer to watch a toothpaste commercial?Brooklyn Nine-Nine does not and never has fit cleanly into any one of these distinctions over the rest, but as a general rule, the show gives a damn about its human beings and doesn’t like to leave loose ends, yet still finds time to rewrite its blueprint to avoid getting boring. In the past, it has even dared to focus on the reality of being a gay black police captain in the NYPD.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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