Review: The Muppets, 1.04, “Pig Out”


“The bright side of last week’s terrible episode The Muppets is that this week’s looks downright terrific by comparison. That’s not to say “Pig Out,” our fourth venture into ABC Muppetsterritory, is bad television, or even good television: It’s adequate, which is a godsend after “Bear Left Then Write” failed to tell a story, or a single successful joke for twenty minutes of wasted airtime. Frankly, “Pig Out” underscores the best and worst merits of The Muppets all at once, and better than its predecessors have since the show premiered. It gets what audiences want out of a Muppet venture, while also conflating those wants with what studios think audiences want in a melange of stale trendsetting and Henson humor.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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